Their will now be a two-step process of signing in to our venues. All Patrons MUST sign into the club on both our internal sign in systems AND the services NSW site.

The first step of signing in will be to sign in using the Services NSW QR code. You MUST then show staff at reception that you have signed in.

The second step will be once you are in the foyer, you will sign in using our terminals with either a photo ID or membership card. Our regular sign in system is still being kept in place which gives us a true indication of how many patrons are in the club at any one time. This is for compliance and to ensure the health and safety of Patrons and Staff.

If you are not familiar with the services NSW QR code, please see our staff at reception who will assist you. For those who do not have a smart phone and not able to use the QR code, we do have alternative ways to sign you in. 

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